Looking For Ideas on a Retractable Roof Pergola?

Retractable Pergola

Changing an outdoor space with a retractable roof pergola: I was relaxing the other day in our back garden enjoying the summer sun with protection from the glare by a very small flimsy umbrella. While sitting I was thinking to myself that since we have such a large patio, it seemed a waste of space just to have a teeny umbrella for shade! We also have a problem when eating … [Read more...]

The Unusual Doughnut Glamping Tents


Doughnut Glamping Tents: Now camping may not be for all folk, the thought of roughing it without any modern conveniences can send people into mental cardiac arrest. So perhaps there maybe something in between that can cater for the people who like roughing the great outdoors and the folks that won"t go anywhere without a running toilet, "glamping" maybe the solution! So to … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Breaking Bad Gifts

All Hail The King Poster

Walter White Heisenberg Cufflinks Durable plastic handmade cuff links of Heisenberg with his trademark hat & dark glasses. Available from this store. When we first meet Walter White, way back in 2008, he was a meek struggling high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. As the series progresses, Walter becomes increasingly unsympathetic, … [Read more...]

Anna-Wili Highfield Paper Sculptures

Anna-Wili Highfield Profile Picture

Paper Sculptures Made into Art: Creating art from scrap and bringing life to something that should be tossed is something to be admired. The idea of looking at something that should be thrown away and seeing some creative force remaining asking for life is a talent that only a few posses. Anna-Wili Highfield is one of these people, she's an artist based in Sydney who makes … [Read more...]