London Loft Remodel By Craft Design

Kitchen & Dining room

London is not a town known for its abundant central city space. Sprawling though the city may be, the interior is often characterized by small apartments and miniature gardens, this promotes creative thinking when it comes to remodelling homes and creating loft apartments.

Like the one we are featuring today, this Camden apartment was transformed from an open plan office space to a bright dynamic living space by Craft Design. The property is now a bespoke, innovative environment that responds easily to the demands of living in London.

Craft Design was asked to maximize the sense of space while keeping the layout simple and efficient. Though the general plan of the apartment is open, each space is defined into individual spaces, kitchen-dining, living room, storage, bathroom and mezzanine bedroom and work area.

Camden lounge

Camden kitchen

Open kitchen

Stairs to bedroom

Loft main floor


London loft lounge

Bespoke storage

Bedroom view

Bedroom entrance


Storage & display

Website: Craft Design via URDesign

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