Carles Enrich Patio House


AEC Cafe: “The conversion of an old dry-cleaning shop between party walls in the Gracia district court into a home-studio for a young family is a fantastic opportunity to rethink the use of an unused place and optimize the conditions.

It is proposed a system to enable the inhabitants to live in an single space arranged around the patio, where the bathroom is the only enclosed piece. All activities take place in a single room with visual contact with the patio. To achieve this, all the partitions that enclosed small rooms with no natural light or ventilation were removed and the openings were extended to the exterior.

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Casa Dos Duplex Apartments

Ibiza Architect - Casa Dos

Juma Architects: “This contract involved the merging of two duplex apartments and remodeling a home / retreat. The two existing external stairs were demolished and replaced by an internal staircase. This intervention could be a great outdoor space created with a huge expansion of the view result. The steel canopies and wooden sun terraces provide the visual fusion of the two original living entities. In collaboration with Minimum Arquitectura.

Source: Juma Architects via Artravel with photos from Verne and Raül Candales Franch

Museum Of The History Of The Polish Jews

Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Dezeen: “This museum in Warsaw, Poland, by Finnish studio Lahdelma and Mahlamäki Architects has a deep, cavernous entrance hall that cuts right through the building. Located on the former site of the Second World War Warsaw Ghetto, the museum is used for a combination of research, education, exhibitions and culture relating to the Jewish heritage.

Source: Lahdelma and Mahlamäki Architects

BachBox Modular Architecture

BachBox, New Zealand

Busyboo: “Bachbox®, New Zealand made innovative modernist architectural pre-fab / modular buildings, introducing simple elegant living paired with eco-friendly design offering minimal site works/impact. Featuring steel subframe/beams with LVL structural portal frame construction specifically designed for fast assembly and simple transportation when fully assembled.

Source: Busyboo via BachBox

Estate In Extremadura


Ábaton: “Located in a privileged environment in the province of Cáceres, Extremadura, the goal was to transform an abandoned stable into a family home by completely renovating it in a way that would be consistent and respectful with the environment.

Problems relating to the electricity and water supply were solved through sustainability systems which ÁBATON uses in all its projects: a solar panel system with storage batteries was developed to supply energy during the summer; turbines were installed taking advantage of the course of the two streams that run through the estate providing electricity for the winter.

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The Serpentine Sackler Gallery

Museum at night

The Serpentine Sackler Gallery:The gallery consists of two distinct parts, namely the conversion of a classical 19th century brick structure – The Magazine – and a 21st century tensile structure. The Serpentine Sackler Gallery is thus – after MAXXI in Rome – the second art space where Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher have created a synthesis of old and new.

The Magazine was designed as a Gunpowder Store in 1805. It comprises two raw-brick barrel-vaulted spaces (where the gunpowder was stored) and a lower square-shaped surrounding structure with a frontal colonnade. The building continued to be in military use until 1963. Since then The Royal Parks used the building for storage. The Magazine thus remained under utilised until now. Over time, much amendment and alteration has occurred inside the historic building and its surroundings.

Source: The Serpentine Sackler Gallery via Archilovers

Evangelical Lutheran State Church Of Bavaria

Architekten: gmp von Gerkan Marg und Partner

On the 20th September 2013, the Evangelical Lutheran State Church of Bavaria is inaugurating its new archive in Nuremberg with a special ceremony. The new building, which was designed by architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp), took three years to build and is located on a former factory site in the direct vicinity of the existing main building.

With 34 kilometres of shelving, the State Church archive now has more than twice the storage space compared to previously and, in addition, accommodates a restoration workshop and enough space for visitor rooms. In the “Memory of Evangelical Bavaria”, the Church is archiving – amongst many other original documents – letters by Martin Luther and documents by popes and emperors, as well as numerous historically important books and paintings. The State Church archive has been designed to include passive air conditioning of the archives.

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Simone de Beauvoir Footbridge

Simone de Beauvoir footbridge

Dietmar Feichtinger Architecters: Crossing the Seine river and the busy freeways parallel to the Seine, the footbridge arrives on the quayside promenades and links the public plaza of the National Library with the new Bercy park, with a total length of 304 m and a free span of 190 m. It is an efficient structure which combines spatial potential with lightness and strength through the synergy of its two collaborating elements, a remarkably slender arch balanced by a pre-tensioned, suspended catenary.

Source: Archilovers via Dietmar Feichtinger Architecters