Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer

Oh wow, have you seen the trailer for the new Twilight, Breaking Dawn movie? It looks epic! In this instalment, if you still haven’t read the books, Bella is full on Vampire.

With her new red eyes, she has gotten more confidence and better fashion sense compared to previous ‘Bellas’. This time she has to protect those she loves most, Edward and The Cullens, Jacob and his werewolf family.

She also now has her own daughter, who is growing at an alarming rate and who also needs protection from the Volturi who think that her daughter is an immortal child. The last episode of this series was a bit slow, looks like this one could be all action, nice way to sign off I guess!

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Paramount Celebrates Milestone Birthday

Paramount Pictures, the last Hollywood movie studio to be located in Hollywood, has recently celebrated turning 10 years old by gathering some of it’s biggest and brightest stars for a photo shoot.

With greats like Kirk Douglas and Mickey Rooney, as well as new comers like Shia LaBeouf and Julianne Hough, Paramount also celebrated with three captains of the Starship Enterprise (William Shatner, Patrick Stewart and Chris Pine).

Paramount decided to place at the centre of the shoot, two actors whose success in the movie, Love Story in the 1970s might be the reason Paramount was able to make to 100 years, Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw.

You can see behind the scenes of shooting the iconic image on Yahoo Movies

Titanic Centenary Shakes Up The Woodwork

On the centenary anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, the famous unsinkable ship built in Belfast, the writers for my favourite show, Downton Abbey, have written a 6 part series called Titanic. The 1997 movie has just been re-released too in 3D and you can also visit Titanic Belfast and walk the ill-fated decks yourself.

Get your tickets from the Titanic Belfast website

When Pixels Attack

Pixels is a short film written and directed by Patrick Jean featuring 8-bit pixel characters from the 80′s like Super Mario Brothers, Space Invaders and Pacman attacking New York. The short film will take any kid that grew up playing 80′s computer games right back to their childhood.

You can read more about Pixels on Daily Motion

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Ron Burgundy Is Back

If you don’t know who Ron Burgundy is, you better look him up on Wikipedia. The legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy, played by all out comedian Will Ferrell, is going to be back in a sequel due to hit cinemas next year.

Take a look at the announcement on Conan O’Brien via Hollywood Life

Hunger Games

The first of the movies based on the trilogy of books by Suzanne Collins, Hunger Games, is released this weekend in North America and the UK. According to trailers, it looks amazing. Have you seen it yet, what did you think?

May the odds always be in your favour while you watch the Hunger Games