Carpets That Look Like Hardwood Flooring

How about getting carpeting that looks like the hardwood floors you always dreamed of? Ege Carpets of Denmark print images of wood piles, gravel or cobblestone onto carpeting used in homes.

So instead of having the likes of gravel in your hallway, you can have a comfortable application that won’t spread into your bedrooms and hurt your naked naked feet. Ege Carpets have designed a range of carpets featuring natural floor coverings usually found outside in the garden or the driveway, like cobblestone, gravel or hardwood that can be used in doors.

The Ege Carpets Nature range is a great way to introduce quirky element to your house, the carpets are simple to install and are less likely to bring in the bugs and creepy crawlies.

Website: Ege via Gizmodo

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  1. Marsha Blanchard says

    I love the picture of “Nature Carpets Slate Flooring” Can you tell me where I can find out more about the company to see about purchasing that kind of carpet?

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