The Womb Like Hush Retreat

Transformed To Provide More Traditional Open Seating

As spaces become more open and technology becomes more intrusive, people tend to want their own little nooks for a little privacy, even if that privacy is to socialise online. The Hush fromĀ Freyja Sewell is just such a micro-retreat that resembles a womb.

It has been found that to keep your sanity, we need solitude every once in a while and that is what the Hush provides. A personal retreat from dwelling a densely populated area, an escape into a dark, quiet, natural space or state of mind.

The beauty of Hush, is that is can also be transformed into traditional, open seating. Made from 100% wool felt, its cushions are stuffed with recycled wool fibres, making it completely green.

Taking A Power Nap

A Little Privacy While You Work

Freyja Sewell Creating The Retreat

Attention To Detail

The Beautiful Simple Logo

Website: Freyja Sewell via inthralld

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