Jaguar Art At Clerkenwell Design Week

Jaguar Clerkenwell

Jaguar UK and The Royal College of Art teamed up for the Clerkenwell Design Show in London recently. Second year students Claire Miller (Textiles) and Ewan Gallimore (Vehicle Design) constructed their interpretation of the future design language of Jaguar. They built the five and a half metre-long art structure from glass reinforced plastic and various coatings, finished with copper and patinas.

Claire and Ewan took the iconic shape of the Jaguar’s fluid lines and created what can be described as a future of the Jaguar E-Type.

Wheel fitting

Jaguar construction

In the beginning Jaguar


Artists impression

Proposed Jaguar1

Jaguar Finishing

Jaguar detail

Jaguar detailing


Close-up of Jaguar

2 Jaguars together

Aerial view of Jaguar

Jaguar front


Jaguar at Clerkenwell

Website: Royal College of Art, Clerkenwell Design Week, Jaguar UK via

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