New Space Saving Resource Furniture

Resource furniture from day to night

Smaller living spaces require new design concepts, here’s an interesting video from Resource Furniture that shows exactly what can be achieved with a little imagination. All the furniture they design serves a dual purpose, and can transform in a flash. Resource Furniture has realized that there is a market for compact furniture as well as a need for furniture that opens out.

Below is the video of Ron Barth, President of Resource Furniture, telling us about their latest space-saving furniture pieces. Included is a 17-inch console that transforms into a 10-ft dining table and an entire bedroom that fits into a 7-ft by 3-ft deep closet.

How to live smart in 298 sq feet

Resource Furniture office to bedroom

Fold out beds save space

Fold out dining

Space saving bedroom

Space saving lounges

Website: Resource Furniture via Core77

Directory: Resource Furniture

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