Textured Kutahya Wall Tiles

 Textured tiles

Kutahya‘s textured wall tiles are the new trend in wall décor. The contemporary lines of the Versatile Collection will update the look of any room. The producers describe the collection as having a unique geometry, functionality and applications, this allows the user to compose many combinations and alternate applications to form a wide range of usability.

The combinations of patterns and colours can be used to give any room depth and a creative atmosphere. The ceramic tiles are available in black, blue, bordo, brown, cream and white, and can be interchanged to form a personalized colour combinations, while the tiles also have Axis and Arc versions that allow the user to form pattern ideas that define spaces.

Wave Texture

Versatile hexagon

Versatile Wave Texture

Textured tiles

Chevron Textured

Versatile tile sample

Versatile Grey

Chevron Textured tiles

Website: Kutahya via Freshome

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