The Longboard Stroller

Longboard stroller

Just because you have kids, doesn’t mean you have to give up your cool & hip status. The Longboard Stroller is a funky, ultra modern alternative to those boring old regular run-of-the-mill strollers the guys next door buy.

Quinny, the popular stroller brand favoured by many celeb mums & many of you wonderful parents out there, have developed a fabulous modern, urban solution for a new generation of parents. The Longboard Stroller was developed by Quinny &  Studio Peter van Riet.

This amazing stroller is one of the first hybrid stroller/longboards out there & is sure to kick up your street cred a whole notch or two. The stroller is great for urban city dwellers as it allows you to cover longer distances on a sporting, eco-friendly & totally cool way.

Some details of The Longboard Stroller:-

The stroller is attached to a genuine longboard skateboard, that has handles for the parent to steer. Your lucky child, who wears a helmet at all times, gets a front row seat of all the action as they go whizzing past the walkers & average bystanders. With the Longboard stroller both you & you child get to enjoy the speed, flexibility & mobility of a skateboard  without the danger.

You’ll never have to worry about giving up the city life for the burbs, & you’ll never have to worry about being late for an appointment again!

The Longboard stroller is still a concept idea in it’s development stage, but hopefully it should be available soon. It’s an alternative method of transportation for both you & your child, but an interesting one non the less. So what do you think, are you & your baby ready for a hip new mode of transport?

The Longboard stroller up close

Speedy stroller

Stacking strollers

Big wheels

Website: Longboard Stroller

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