Tuesday Is Panic At The Roxy UK

The Roxy UK:

Panic at Roxy is serving free shots and free mince pies tonight from 10pm to 3am, featuring DJS Gaz PANIC, SEAN and That Perfect Fumble (Bloody Awful Poetry) who will bring you their unique mix of cutting edge indie, electro, pop and post-punk.

Entry is free before 10.30pm with a flyer, £3 with a student card or flyer and £1 if you are on the mailing list (sign up at panicclub.net and do so before 9.30pm!) Kronenbourg – 2 FOR 1 £3.60,  Double vodka or double dark rum or double gin and mixer £3.40. Cocktail pitchers also available at half price, £8.00. {Full Article}

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