Halloween Weekend Movies To Watch

Halloweens is a great time to get the bejesus scared out of your.

It’s almost Halloween again. That special time in every persons life when they either dress their children in the most imaginative costumes they can find or proceed to scare the poop out of them in any way possible, usually via scaring them on their way to the bathroom after the horror movie has just finished. I thought I would continue this long standing tradition by giving you a few movies that you can either go to the movie house to watch or rent on DVD or Blue-Ray.

1. Paranormal Activity 3

We all remember the first Paranormal Activity, vaguely remember the second and this is the third. A story about two little girls that don’t remember what happened to them as children, the ever changing story line of the sequels is probably why this franchise has been so successful.  Released October 14th 2011.

2. The Thing

A remake of the 1982 (woohoo go 1982) movie of the same name, it follows a bunch of scientists that find something in Antarctica, and don’t leave it the heck alone. Released October 14th 2011

3. Final Destination 5

OK, just so you know, I still can’t sit through a whole Final Destination movie and when it’s finished, I walk around wishing I had eyes in the back of my head because I’m sure Death is stalking me. This feeling fades till the next Final Destination. Released August 12th 2011.

4. Another Earth

Not a horror per se, but it looks good enough to play between horrors, you know, so your victims, I mean children don’t get desensitized. A story about life on other planets, and how we are eager to meet them.

Let us know if you see any of these movies, and what you thought of them.

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Website: Paranormal Activity 3, The Thing, Final Destination 5 and Another Earth

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