No Clean Aquarium

Although aquariums are one of the most popular ways to keep a pet and provide a soothing environment in a home, they are also one of the hardest to maintain. The effort and time it takes to clean the tanks often is the reason that aquariums are discarded. What was needed was a way to keep aquariums clean with half the effort and that is what Craig Wenger and David Turner came up with.

These best friends have always loved fish, so the no clean aquarium was sort of a no-brainer.

The No Clean Aquarium is funded through Kickstarter and has managed to gather 100% of the funding needed to start production. Congratulations guys!

Website: No Clean Aquariums Kickstarter

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  • Hickeydoodoo

    I REALLY want one of these, i’ve been looking all over ebay. Would pay up to $25 am hoping the store price isn’t marked up too badly~! They’re way cool :D

    • Brian Demarest

      They go on sale tomorrow on! For 10% off on the first 50, use coupon code NoClean10

  • Shirley Muswema

    Hey Hickeydoodoo, you are so right, these are a great idea. Have you tried getting one from their Kickstarter page? 

  • Brian Demarest

    Get this on!