PLAY pet beds – Eco friendly and good looking

As a company that started out of pure necessity, P.L.A.Y dog beds has grown into a necessity for dog owners around the United States. Before Will & Deb started P.L.A.Y, they had found that buying a dog bed for their pet pug Momo was Eco-friendly, well made and looked good was harder than it should be. After extensive product testing of the inner for durability and comfort, they finally had the best design to work with, and so they started on the covers.

These could have been sourced from any old wholesaler but Will & Deb wanted something stylish and unique. Only the best was good enough for Momo and her friends. So they got in touch with David Collins, a fellow San Franciscoan and collaborated with him to design pet bed covers that were good looking and durable.

So the designs went from this:

Will & Deb were involved from Concept...

to this:

To design to realization.

You might have noticed that we mentioned the beds being Eco-friendly and you are probably wondering how… All the beds are stuffed with recycled bottles, so instead of just cleaning up the planet, they are making the planet cleaner.

One large dog bed from PLAY contains 92 recycled bottles

The range from P.L.A.Y consists of beds for the smallest companion to the biggest clumsy mug and even duvets! And they are so reasonably priced, from $29.00 for a small dog bed to $189.00 for a large dog bed. They have a sizing chart available so you get the right size for your pampered pooch.

Rectangular Chandelier dog bedYour dog will dream of running the Serengeti on this Serengeti PLAY bed

For small dogs:

Close up of cotton candy bed, Mango

To big dogs:

Large dog bed with footprints Big dogs are comfortable and there is more than enough space on the big beds.

The beds are available through many stores in the United States and also on the P.L.A.Y website. Sadly European customers will have to wait for the launch later this year.

Author: Shirley Muswema

Website: P.L.A.Y Dog beds


  1. says

    Thank you Shirley for featuring P.L.A.Y.! It’s important to us to create beds that are comfy for pets, stylish for their owners AND better for our planet. We’re glad you like them! We’re working to create new designs – please email me for more info.

    Thanks again!

    • Shirley Muswema says

      Hi Phuong, you are so welcome! The dog beds are gorgeous and we can’t wait to see the new designs.
      Have a great day.

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