MTV Movie Award winners – Part 2

_blog_wp-content_uploads_2011_05_2011-MTV-Movie-Awards Here is the second part of my report on who came away with a golden popcorn statue from the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday 5th May 2011. Did you watch? Did you vote? Did you make predictions? Did any of them come true? The list contains everything from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part one, to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, to Kick Ass with an adorable little star Chloe Grace Moretz, that won Best Badass Star and Best Breakout Star in a Movie.

This list contains some amazing movies, and some not so amazing movies…most of them I haven’t seen, so let us know what you think of the movies, the actors, the direction, anything! You can contact us on our Twitter account, or like us and comment about the post on our Facebook page.

*There were some rumours that our Mr. J. Sudeikis didn’t live up to the hype, and that his  hosting of the show was less than satisfactory, but we will leave to your own opinions.*

Best Scared-as-S**t Performance:

Ellen Page was outstanding in Inception, I’ve liked her ever since I saw her in Juno!

Best Line from a Movie:

“I want to get chocolate wasted!” Those are the words that won Alexis Nycole Sanchez the Best Line from a Movie award for the movie, Grown Ups.

Best Kiss winner:


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Kirsten Stewart and Taylor Lautner really steam up the screen to win the golden popcorn for their on screen kiss in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Best Fight (Scene in a Movie) Winner:

Robert Pattinson pulls out all the Vampire stops to impress his girl, played by Kirsten Stewart, in his fight with Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel.

Best Breakout Star Winner and Biggest Badass Star winner:


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Chloë Grace Moretz won both golden popcorn awards for her role in Kick Ass. She is 12 years old and did most of her own stunts using nunchucks, fighting villains, and jumping off of buildings, all before high school.

Author: Shirley Muswema

Website: MTV Movie Awards

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