“Gourmutt” Gourmet Food Trucks For Pets

Donna Santucci of Fido To Go

Over the last few years, gourmet food trucks have become very popular. They are a great place to buy tasty, fresh, quickly-made gourmet food on a street corner whilst out & about, but there is a new trend starting up in cities around America, Gourmet Pet Snack Trucks.

There are a few popular Gourmet Pet Snack and Food Trucks that can be spotted doing their rounds in the following cities; Sit ‘N Stay Pet Cafe in Orlando Florida, Frosty Pooch in Elizabeth New Jersey, Fido To Go in Chicago and Bow-Wow Chow in Austin Texas. All the pet food and snacks on offer are healthy and tasty, almost all pet trucks use locally sourced, organic, natural and humanely raised/harvested ingredients, or produce gluten and allergen-free canine cookies & doggy ice creams/frozen yogurts.

The Pet Food Truck trend is gaining tremendous popularity amongst city pets that NBC ran an article titled “Doggie food trucks fetch company profits“.

If you’re in the neighbourhood and you spot one of these trucks, why not treat your pet to a gourmet snack.

Beggin for more

Happy Fristy Pooch customers

Frosty pooch service

Frosty Pooch food truck

Bow-Wow Chow truck at the park

Bow Wow Chow truck

Website: Frosty Pooch, Bow-Wow Chow, Sit ‘N Stay Pet Cafe and Fido To Go via Laughing Squid

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