One Screw Loose Jellies & Jelly Rubs

One Screw Loose

One Screw Loose is a jelly and Jelly rub company with flavours like India Pale Ale Beer with Habañero Peppers and Sweet Tea with Red Raspberries. They describe their jellies as probably the best on the planet. All their products are hand-crafted and locally sourced from around Forest Park Georgia.

Using methods and recipes handed down from their great-grandmothers, One Screw Loose plan to take over the jelly and jam market in Georgia. One Screw Loose is a micro-sized completely family owned company, they barter for, pick locally, harvest from friends and grow much of their ingredients.

Snack time

One Screw Loose Jellies & Jams

One Screw Loose jars

One Screw Loose at work

One Screw Loose at a food market

Jelly & Jam Shades

Single head steam capper

Website: One Screw Loose via Kickstarter

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