Luxury London Hotel Master Classes

Luxury London Hotel Masterclasses

With its art deco elegance, sparkling silver surroundings and aura of deepest luxury, Claridge’s has long been synonymous with being the best of the best. Proud of our heritage and tradition of high standards, Claridge’s aim is not simply to maintain these standards but to improve them. Being the best is all about the people, often behind the scenes, who strive and work with passion and endeavour.

Claridge’s Master classes are designed to share the expertise and experience, the secrets and skills of these key members of Claridge’s team. Carving a leg of lamb, preparing the perfect Sunday Roast and creating the world-renowned Afternoon tea pastries will no longer be a mere fantasy as Claridge’s invites gourmands to change jackets for aprons and learn insider tricks from the best in the business. Claridge’s Master classes showcases sessions such as Carving, Sunday Roast, Fish, Afternoon Tea and British Pudding. {Full Article}

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