Sneeoosh Cabin

Sneeoosh Cabin lounge area

Described by the architects, Zeroplus Architects, as a "rabbit warming itself in the sun", the Sneeoosh Cabin is set at the water's edge near Deception Pass on the Swinomish Indian Reserve, in Washington. The main living areas are enclosed by glass so that the ever-changing surrounds become integrated into the daily rituals of the house's occupants. … [Read more...]

Walker-Pope House Seattle

Walker-Pope House interior

In Seattle, Washington, the Walker-Pope House sits deep in a beautiful forest. The house just seems to belong to its surroundings, it doesn't try to blend with the surrounding landscape, nor does it stand out as a glaring eyesore. The interior is infused with a sense of comfort, not just from the furnishings and decor, but from the orange walls and ceiling. The … [Read more...]

Sol Duc The Steel Clad Cabin

Sol Duc Cabin

This gorgeous little house on stilts is located in the Olympic Peninsula, Washington, USA and is clad in steel. Called the Sol Duc cabin, it was built as a fishing cabin, with the dining and kitchen areas on the first floor and bedrooms above. There is also a cantilevered deck that extends from the lower level, offering great views of the river. Get more information about … [Read more...]

Starbucks Recycles And Gets A Drive-Thru

Reclamation Drive-Thru Starbucks

We have seen a few ways to recycle containers, but Starbucks have found one that looks incredible. Reclamation Drive Thru came about after some brilliant minds at Starbucks thought to utilize the containers used to transport their coffees and teas around the world instead of allowing them to wallow and languish. The recycled container drive thru opened on December 13th … [Read more...]