NTT Docomo, NEC & The 10 Minute Battery Charger

This week, at Japan’s CEATEC tradeshow, NTT Docomo and NEC unveiled a Lithium ion battery that can be fully charged in ten minutes. The battery is currently only available as an external jacket that fits NEC’s super-slim Medias Android (Japan only) smart phones, hopefully plans are in place to expand the charger’s compatibility to other devices. Zach from Endgadget explains how the charger pushes a large amount of amps to get the battery charged faster as opposed to generic chargers that push a miniscule amount of charge to the battery. There has been some speculation that this massive push will affect the life span of the battery, but this has not been proven.

Not much information is available on the product at the moment, nor is there any information on whether they will develop the battery pack for use with other phones.

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Website: NTT Docomo and NEC via Gizmodo