Scan Candy – Smart Phone Scanner

Here at Funchkins we have found a few really great inventions, and one of my favourite is the scanner mouse from LG, so when I saw this Kickstarter project for a scanner that attaches to your smart phone, I was ecstatic. Having recently gone through a difficult time trying to find the driver for my ancient scanner, I was starting to get worried that I might have to get rid of a scanner that was in total working order just because a piece of software. Urs, Keving & Sebastian of Scan Candy from USA, Switzerland and Germany respectively have developed the Scandy scanner that attaches to your smartphone enabling you to scan just about anything.

Desk mounted Scandy Back view of the desk mounted ScandyTurn your smart phone into a scanner that you can take anywhere

The Scandy will turn your smart phone into a powerful portable scanner. Camera phones have in recent time become ridiculously powerful, but the difficulty in scanning without a guide is the challenge of holding the camera steadily at the perfect distance from the paper. The Scandy’s telescopic  mechanism allows you to adjust to different paper sizes and the slick minimalistic design makes the Scandy a beautiful addition to any office or home.

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Website: Scandy via Kickstarter

  • Laura

    Great idea – I gotta get one of those to easily scan to evernote my docs.