Smart Terrarium by Samuel Wilson

Biome, the Smart Terrarium

In an effort to slow humanity down, Samuel Wilson has devised Biome, a terrarium with climate controlled through your smart phone or tablet computer. It works just like those Tamagotchis from the nineties. Please don’t make me feel any older than I already do and say you remember them, if you don’t, lie. Anyway, the climate, water level, and nutrients given to the plants are controlled by an application on your smart phone or tablet computer. The only difference between killing these plants and killing your tamagotchi is the guilt, these plants are actually alive. The Biome was developed for an exhibition titled Slow Tech – Designs for Digital Downtime at trend agency Protein’s exhibition space in August. The exhibition was curated by Henrietta Thompson editor-at-large at Wallpaper*.

Biome, the Smart Terrarium Samuel Wilkinson's Biome

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Website: Samuel Wilkinson via Mocoloco and Humans Invent

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