Homemade Greenies

If you have a dog, you have probably heard about Greenies, dog treats that help clean their teeth and freshen their breath while providing your dog with a yummy chewy. The only thing with Greenies is that they are way expensive, but you can make your own!

Darla Cooks made these easy biscuits for her dogs to freshen their breath and you can get her recipe on her blog.


  1. Ann says

    Darla, Your ingredients of parsley is toxic to dogs and can cause liver failure. Mint is an unknown for dogs. Check with any vet about the parsley. I made these and my dogs ate them for 2 months, one per day. My oldest dog is in full liver failure.

  2. Belle says

    Parsley is only toxic to canines when given in large doses for extended periods; additionally, recent literature shows that it may while it may exacerbate liver issues in dogs for whom there is already liver toxicity for various reasons, that, too, is in larger doses. Given sporadically and in small doses, it is actually a blood strengthener. I have left the parsley out and added other items when making this recipe with GREAT results! Thank you, Darla.

    P.S. The same alarms are raised about garlic, but I have used garlic specially processed for canines with my dogs for 12 years instead of heartworm and flea/tick products (which can be harmful), and my dogs have been healthy, happy, and flea, tick, and worm free.

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